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01 Support to the entrepreneur

  • Business plan development.
  • Proper framing of your activity.

02 Tax and labor management

  • Periodic declarations.
  • Local taxes and activity licenses.
  • Record of issued and received invoices.
  • Management support (FAC24 application).
  • Registration and deregistration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.
  • Temporary disability leave for illness or accidents.
  • Monitoring of contributions for retirement and other contingencies.
  • Integral payroll management and Social Security management (employee portal).
  • Hiring and terminations.
  • Legal support.

03 Consulting

  • Purchase and sale, rental, employment, and commercial contracts.
  • Succession planning.
  • Industrial projects for new installations and/or expansions.
  • Grant management.
  • Talent and recruitment management.
  • Trademarks and patents.

04 Insurance

  • Insurance for business activities.
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • Vehicle insurance

05 Vehicles

  • Name changes.
  • Duplicate documentation.
  • Transport cards.
  • Comprehensive vehicle management.

06 Real estate

  • Management of property purchase and sale (residential and industrial).
  • Management of rentals.
  • Housing certificates.
  • Energy certificates.
  • Technical Building Inspection (ITE).
  • Blueprints.
  • Architectural studies.
  • Change of building use.

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Integral Subscription

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Your Personal Income Tax

Your Personal Income Tax

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Your Personal Income Tax

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