We are passionate about our work. We believe that through it we can contribute to personal and business progress.

We contribute to personal and business progress

Our values

We are people and we work with people. We like to make things easy, and do them together. With honesty and flexibility, always pursuing the best results.

We work as a team

Because we believe that the way to go far is to do it together.

We are passionate

We enjoy our work because we are excited about what we do.

We are empathetic

We put ourselves in your shoes. Your aspirations are our aspirations.

We are flexible

We adapt continuously to new environments, challenges and needs.

We are demanding

We like challenges. We don't give up easily.

We are co-responsible

We are sensitive to our environment and culture.

Available vacancies

If you think you could be a good fit for our team, we'd love to hear from you.

IT Manager

Full time | hybrid

Employment advisor

Full time | hybrid

Labour Lawyer (trainee)

Flexible schedule | No remote work


Full time | hybrid

Financial consultant

Full time | hybrid

Product sustainability consultant

Full time | hybrid

Head of delegation

Full time | hybrid

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