Fac 24 | Save time! Management without distances.

Save time! Management without distances.

Free online service for our clients. We open the door to the future.


01 Efficiency

Manage all your business's accounting needs from any device.

02 Productivity

Manage accounting, invoices, and taxes.

03 Control and monitoring

Consult and monitor business progress through a very simple dashboard.


Management of clients and suppliers.
Preparation of quotations and invoices.
Recording of expenses and control of collections and payments.
Sending invoices in one click.
Export to Excel.
Reconciliation of collections and payments.
Creation of periodic invoicing.
Business analysis and monitoring.
Customization of issued invoices.
Fac 24

We offer you a free digital platform to manage your business, operational 24 hours, 365 days a year, adaptable to the characteristics and size of your business.

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