Private emblematic house

Purchase and sale of property
Bringing life to a second residence
Private emblematic house

We orchestrate all actions linked to the sale of a second residence, from the beginning to the end of the process, to guarantee the success of the operation and the satisfaction of our client, and also of the buying party.

The Challenge

A client contacts us because she wants to sell her second residence, which she no longer uses. Upon examining the documentation, we find that the house is not registered in the Property Registry, only the land is. Therefore, our challenge is to resolve this issue in order to formalize the sale.

The Solution

We coordinate architecture and topography to register the house in the Property Registry and manage the Notary process. We process the occupancy permit and the energy certificate for the sale. We advertise the house on real estate portals in search of a suitable buyer. We take care of the entire purchase process, offering advice and peace of mind to both parties. Our goal is to turn this project of change into a good experience for all involved, so that concerns are transformed into a positive experience for everyone.

For us, the story of each house, each person, each family, is important and we make it our own. In this case, the owner needed to dispose of a wine collection she had in the cellar inside the property. In a completely altruistic manner, we contacted a sommelier with whom we made an inventory and were able to find a restaurant interested in the entire collection, thus helping our client. We are people and we deal with people.

More benefit for the client.
For having helped her sell her wine collection in a completely selfless manner.

The project team