Analyzing Sustainability in the Metallurgical Sector.

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Life Cycle Analysis of various products from a metallurgical company.
Analyzing Sustainability in the Metallurgical Sector.

We have worked with manufacturers and their suppliers to improve their products and packaging, making them more suitable for their purpose and applying circularity criteria to minimize their environmental impact while maintaining their original functionality.

We assist organizations in understanding their impact on the environment and in identifying opportunities to reduce it.

The Challenge

Analyzing the life cycle of a product to determine its environmental impacts and to be more competitive in the market, as the results are comparable with the same product from the competition. 

This way, measures to reduce impact and modifications to their production process or materials used can be studied so they are more environmentally friendly, and at the same time, determine the real environmental impact of this product on the environment with tangible numbers and data.

The Solution

Collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers to improve their products and packaging, applying circularity criteria to reduce their environmental impact without affecting their original functionality. By collecting real data on the raw materials used and using our specialized software tools, we have studied possible alternatives and advised our client on the best practices to apply in the product life cycle. This includes improving the waste management system, replacing raw materials, or modifying the quantities used. Additionally, we have ensured that the entire project complies with current environmental regulations. With this approach, we have helped the company improve its innovation and eco-design, with the aim of reducing its impact on the environment and enhancing its sustainability.

A world leader in  technology and recycling with a first patent in 1986.

We put innovation at the service of sustainability, offering efficient copper solutions with the smallest carbon footprint.

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