Advisory and Inheritance Management for the Open Arms Foundation.

Open Arms Foundation
We handle all the necessary procedures for the foundation to receive the legacies that individuals leave in their wills.
Advisory and Inheritance Management for the Open Arms Foundation.

Inheritances are a source of income for associations or foundations with general interest purposes. However, the management involved in being able to receive them is a complex task that goes beyond the scope of the organization itself, which is why they require the services of a specialized firm that can provide them with the necessary advice and processing.

The Challenge

The main challenge is to ensure that the Open Arms Foundation receives inheritances and legacies efficiently and without any legal or administrative obstacles. This involves ensuring that the entire process, from identifying the legacies to collecting them, is carried out satisfactorily and complies with legal and tax requirements.

The Solution

The solution we provide them with is the tranquility to focus on what constitutes the core of their foundation – humanitarian activities. They can rest assured that the management of the income derived from the legacies left by individuals who are sympathetic to the Foundation's mission is handled with the best possible advice.

Each organization should be able to dedicate itself to its core mission, knowing that they can entrust experts with what constitutes their work.


Òscar Camps

Founder-Director of the Open Arms NGO.

The complexity of managing our organization made it essential to outsource management services, legal assistance, and personnel management. With Grup Carles, we have found the ideal partner that provides us with the desired professionalism and confidence, allowing us to fully dedicate ourselves to our lifesaving mission to safeguard people's lives.




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Legal | We defend your safety and peace of mind.

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