7 benefits of innovation meetings outside the office

WRITTEN BY Ana Rodríguez i Quirant
24 May, 2022
7 benefits of innovation meetings outside the office

In Spain, despite the increasing discussion on innovation in working conditions such as telecommuting, family reconciliation, flexible schedules, or a 4-day work week, these concepts are still challenging to integrate into our routines and, above all, into our corporate culture or mindset.

When I mention a business meeting, you likely envision a cold, neutral, and dull boardroom; a boring, tedious, and often unproductive meeting. You might feel bored because you barely participate, or need to intervene but don't feel entirely comfortable doing so. That's why at Grup Carles Engineering and Sustainability, we have adopted a new way of conducting these meetings, which we call "Innovation Meetings."

These meetings are about being genuinely productive and innovative, working as a team to achieve our objectives. We conduct these meetings outside the usual work environment, meaning we leave the office. From our experience, here are the benefits we've identified:

Increased creativity:

Outside the daily work environment, immersed in an atmosphere of calls, emails, calculations, reports, meetings, etc., the mind becomes more open to new stimuli, more flexible, and allows creativity to flow, which is highly beneficial for any business. Ideas for new ways of working and new services that had not been considered before emerge.

New ides, solutions and prespectives arise:

Everyone can have ideas, even if they don't emerge in daily routines or are not shared due to insecurity, lack of time, etc. Even if you think you don't have ideas, the advantage of these meetings is that you can surely contribute something to improve or implement another's idea. As they say, four eyes see more than two, and six see even more. And that from an idea that initially seems impossible to carry out, other ideas or ways of doing it emerge that we ourselves had not thought of.

Promotes teamwork:

Stepping out of the routine and comfort zone, we trust ourselves more and new communication channels that didn't exist before appear.

Generates greater commitment and collaboration from employees:

Outside the work environment, hierarchical barriers disappear for a moment, and we become a team of equals, proposing ideas to improve both the business and employee wellbeing in the office. There is an environment of security and trust to express your ideas, which are taken into account and can be discussed. Motivation increases and everyone commits more to the team and the company.

Improved concentration:

A neutral and comfortable place for everyone, away from daily stress, allows us to concentrate on the meeting without distractions from emails, calls, etc. Therefore, our concentration and productivity increase.

Increased productivity:

Feeling comfortable and motivated, in a place outside the vicious circle of day-to-day work, stress, hierarchies, and other obligations, participation becomes more productive. Work is more effective and efficient.

Access to a range of services:

Having meetings outside an office opens up the possibility of incorporating other types of services like meals, comfortable and spacious facilities where we feel at ease, WiFi, etc.

In summary, in our team, we have found success in this way of working and will continue to conduct these meetings regularly.