Specialized consultancy for a multinational company

Open Mind Technologies Spain, S.L.U.
Comprehensive solution to ensure financial peace.
Specialized consultancy for a multinational company
The multinational OPEN MIND Technologies entrusts us with the recording of accounting transactions using their SAP application, as well as the preparation of monthly closings prior to the group's reporting system.
We ensure that the financial management of companies is in expert hands so that they can focus on the growth of their businesses.

The Challenge

The main challenge is to adapt to the interlocutor's profile, understanding that in this type of company, communication in a foreign language is essential.

Additionally, it is crucial to acquire knowledge of the SAP program and the company's specific accounting system. This allows us to ensure accurate entry of transactions adapted to their accounting plan.
Likewise, we aim to be proactive in continuous improvement, establishing methodologies for control and data review that guarantee maximum efficiency in financial management.

The solution

Following prior training of our team in the expert use of the SAP program, we record accounting transactions with precision and carry out the monthly closings following the criteria, deadlines, and procedures indicated by the parent company, always in continuous coordination with the company and with the inherent complexity in this type of companies.

We also actively collaborate in the submission of periodic tax settlements, as well as in the settlement of Corporation Tax and, at the end of each fiscal year, we prepare the Annual Accounts of the company for their deposit at the Commercial Registry.


Elisenda Güell

Staff Accountant / Administration Open Mind tecnologies Spain, S.L.U

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