Optimizing Labour Management for an Activity with Significant Seasonal Staff Variations

Pro Activa Serveis Aquatics S.L
Labour Management for Professionals Providing Aquatic Lifeguard Services.
Optimizing Labour Management for an Activity with Significant Seasonal Staff Variations

We provide labour and legal advice to Proactiva Serveis Aquàtics, a company managing professionals in aquatic lifeguard activities. This management includes tasks like registrations and deregistrations of workers, employment contracting, payroll management, certificates, work permits for workers hired at origin, and the application of agreements in different geographical areas, as well as legal defense. The company experiences significant fluctuations in its workforce, going from 80 workers in winter to over 500 in summer, in a highly volatile work environment that requires a quick and efficient response to personnel movements on weekends and holidays, 24 hours a day. From the labour area of Grup Carles, we offer professionalized and expert support in personnel management, adapting to the changing demands of the company.

We have a highly qualified team with a great capacity to respond quickly and efficiently to the company's needs. 24x7 service.

The Challenge

Managing a workforce that experiences significant variations in its volume, going from 80 to over 500 workers depending on the season. This high volatility requires a quick and efficient response in human resources management, especially on weekends and holidays, and fluid communication with institutions. Additionally, it is essential to ensure compliance with labour regulations and agreements applicable in different geographical areas, and to provide legal advice to resolve any legal issues that may arise in personnel management.

The Solution

We have a highly professional team with a high degree of expertise and commitment, capable of satisfactorily responding to the company's demands. We adapt our team according to the hiring and personnel management needs to meet the stipulated objectives, regardless of the time of year. In addition, we have an interactive digital platform that facilitates communication between institutions and offers a documentary database to store and manage the necessary information to handle labour challenges quickly and securely. We also have an electronic signature for signing documents, which eliminates the use of paper, optimizes time, and removes geographical barriers. 

from 80 to +500
Summer workforce
Catalunya and the Canary Islands
Main locations

Òscar Camps

Founder of Pro-Activa Serveis Aquàtics, S.L.

The complexity of managing our organization made it essential to outsource management, legal assistance services and people management. With Grup Carles, we have found the ideal partner who provides us with the desired professionalism and confidence, allowing us to fully dedicate ourselves to our activity, lifeguarding, to safeguard people's lives. 




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