Labour Management for Saving Human Lives.

Open Arms Foundation
Labour management of professionals providing services in the non-profit activity dedicated to maritime rescue of vulnerable people in emergency situations.
Labour Management for Saving Human Lives.

We are responsible for the labour management of professionals serving the Open Arms Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the maritime rescue of vulnerable people in emergency situations. The company carries out maritime rescue missions that last several months and needs to hire crew from different countries, which involves managing diverse documentation in different languages.

We are proud to collaborate with the NGO Open Arms in managing their human capital and ensuring compliance with labour regulations in all the countries where they operate.

The Challenge

Efficient management of the labour and administrative documentation of the crew of the Open Arms Foundation vessels, which comes from different countries and is in different languages, and must comply with the labour and immigration laws of the countries where they operate.

The Solution

Oferim la nostra experiència en el sector del mar i la nostra capacitat per gestionar els tràmits laborals de manera eficient. Ens encarreguem de la gestió de certificats, permisos de treball d'empleats contractats en origen, assessorament laboral i jurídic, defensa lletrada i gestió de contractes d'estrangeria bilingües (castellà i anglès). Això permet donar agilitat, confiança i seguretat en la gestió de permisos i documents afins, i poder iniciar la missió dins dels terminis establerts per l'organització que permetin embarcar tota la tripulació necessària, ja que tractant-se de salvar vides, el temps és un factor clau i decisori a l'hora de completar amb èxit les seves missions.

We offer our experience in the maritime sector and our ability to manage labour procedures efficiently. We take care of managing certificates, work permits for employees hired at origin, labour and legal advice, legal defence, and management of bilingual (Spanish and English) foreign contracts. This allows for agility, trust, and security in the management of permits and related documents, and to start the mission within the deadlines established by the organization to embark all the necessary crew, since time is a key and decisive factor when it comes to successfully completing their missions.


Òscar Camps

Founder-Director of the NGO Open Arms.

The complexity of managing our organization made it essential to outsource management, legal assistance services and people manegment. With Grup Carles, we have found the ideal partner who provides us with the desired professionalism and confidence, allowing us to fully dedicate ourselves to our activity, lifeguarding, to safeguard people's lives.




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