Demonstrating our clients' legitimacy.

Legal defense
Defense of a client falsely accused.
Demonstrating our clients' legitimacy.

We handled the case of defending a client falsely accused of property fraud in the sale of a motorhome. The perpetrators of the fraud used our client's personal data to commit the crime, making fictitious motorhome sales and defrauding other victims. Our goal has been to establish our client's legitimacy to obtain an acquittal verdict.

The evidential activity has been crucial for the successful resolution of the lawsuit.

The Challenge

The main challenge has been to demonstrate our client's innocence despite the accusations received against them. The evidence and proofs have been crucial in establishing that our client was not acquainted with the parties involved in the sales operation, did not make any calls to the contact numbers, and did not receive any money transfers into their bank account. Additionally, we had to address the emotional burden and the presumption of guilt associated with the fraud

The Solution

We conducted thorough evidentiary work to prove our client's innocence, gathering evidence, witnesses, and documentation that substantiated their lack of involvement in the fraud. We prepared a solid and well-reasoned defense to demonstrate that the accusations were baseless and that our client was innocent.

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