Comprehensive Labour Management for the Igualada Sociosanitary Consortium: A Commitment to Care Quality.

Consorci Sociosanitari d'Igualada
Labour management of professionals in a company in the social and health care sector
Comprehensive Labour Management for the Igualada Sociosanitary Consortium: A Commitment to Care Quality.

The Igualada Sociosanitary Consortium has entrusted us for many years with the labour management of more than 300 sociosanitary professionals, including the management of registrations, deregistrations, hiring, payroll, certifications, and labour and legal advice. This involves offering a complete solution that responds to the needs of staff coverage at all times to ensure the best quality of sociosanitary services.

We take care of the labour management of the professionals of the Sociosanitary Consortium so they can focus on what truly matters: caring for the most vulnerable people.

The Challenge

Managing a workforce of more than 300 employees, responding to the constant movements of personnel, which can arise on weekends and holidays, 24 hours a day. Our challenge is, therefore, to have professional resources that meet the needs of coverage during periods of holidays, leisure days of the staff or unforeseen absenteeism, with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with labour regulations and the well-being of workers at all times.

The Solution

We offer our experience and knowledge of the sociosanitary sector to ensure efficient and responsible labour management of the company's professionals. We have a team of highly qualified and committed professionals, capable of responding to the needs of staff coverage at any time, as well as a management and monitoring system for payroll and labour procedures that guarantees transparency and legality at all times. Likewise, we provide complete labour and legal advice, and if necessary, legal defence of the client's interests.

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