Building a biological plant in Garrotxa for efficient and responsible management of pig waste.

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Construction of a biological plant to treat pig waste from a farm located in Garrotxa.
Building a biological plant in Garrotxa for efficient and responsible management of pig waste.

The Challenge

The challenge was to find a sustainable solution for the management of pig waste generated by a farm located in Garrotxa. This farm houses up to 3,500 fattening pigs and produces a significant amount of waste that needs to be treated properly to prevent potential negative environmental impacts. Therefore, the challenge was to design and construct a biological plant capable of efficiently and responsibly treating these waste materials, ensuring the quality of the resulting fertilizer, and maximizing the available resources. The solution had to be economically viable and environmentally friendly, adding value to both the farm and the pig farming sector as a whole.

An innovative solution for responsible pig waste management.

The Solution

The solution was the operation of the compact RAACPUR plant to treat the waste from up to three thousand five hundred fattening pigs and utilize the generated fertilizer for application on the available hectares within the farm. This ensures efficient use of resources and reduces environmental pollution. The treated liquid fraction is also applied through sprinkler irrigation, and 100% of the water used in the process is reused. With this plant, we have ensured efficient and responsible management of the farm's waste, thus contributing to the sustainability of the pig farming sector.

up to 3.500 pigs
of fattening
Type of farm
5.400 m3/year
Purifying capacity to treat.

The project team

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