Xavier Carles i Tort

Partner and General Director of Grup Carles
Xavier Carles i Tort

Xavier Carles i Tort is a partner and the general manager of Grup Carles. With his incorporation into the company, he launched the Environmental Consulting area, a precursor to the current Sustainability Consulting, and subsequently managed some of the Group's subsidiaries, before taking over as corporate general manager.

As he emphasizes:

"It is very gratifying to be part of the growth and development of a professional services company whose purpose is to 'contribute to the success of clients and to personal and business progress.'"

He is responsible for defining the corporate strategy of the Grup and also for helping teams to develop and implement the strategy for each business unit, ensuring that they are aligned with the corporate purpose and enhance the competitive advantage to have highly specialised and coordinated professionals to take on the challenges of our clients in a transversal and multidisciplinary way.

He advocates for a shared leadership style that encourages delegation to teams and collaborators so they can take on more autonomy, decision-making capacity, and responsibilities, driving personal growth as the only possible way to adapt the company to new environments of constant and accelerated change caused by globalization, the digitization of all kinds of processes, and the influence of new generations of workers and consumers.

"With a good team, respect for others, humility, common sense, and a lot of passion for what you do, we can achieve the most ambitious goals."

Currently, he serves as the Ambassador to Anoia for the Impulsa Foundation, which promotes equal opportunities for young people by supporting their education, job integration, and personal growth, with special emphasis on the support of the business community.